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  • ahvanguard
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October 5, 2021

Finding ways to save time and money are at the top of most entrepreneurs' to-do lists. One area that’s ripe for optimization to help propel business growth is procurement and purchasing. When sourcing supplies for your business, there are a lot of changing variables to consider in order to accelerate sourcing, access more supply options and improve transparency while minimizing administrative burden. | Shutterstock How can business leaders quickly and easily streamline their buying processes, gain efficiencies, and identify new ways to save? Join us for a free webinar, How Businesses Can Save Time and Money with Smart Purchasing Strategies, as moderator Jill Schiefelbein facilitates a thought-provoking discussion on purchasing challenges affecting small businesses, key sourcing strategies to drive business growth, and ways leaders can optimize processes using digital procurement solutions.Hear from Amazon Business and small-business leaders as they share purchasing tactics and approaches you can employ to save time on buying processes and reinvest those resources in deeper, more value-add initiatives for your business.How Businesses Can Save Time and Money with Smart Purchasing Strategies will air Tuesday November 9 at 3 p.m. EST | 12 p.m. PST.

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