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Artificial intelligence in digital ecosystem is essential for transformation

Artificial intelligence in digital ecosystem is essential for transformation

In the past few years, AI has evolved to become one of the most powerful tools in tech history to bring machines and humankind together. Back in the day, AI was limited to speculations and fictional stories. But in the modern state, AI is no longer confined to laboratories and scientific labs, instead, it has become a part of our daily lives. Starting from search engines, call-center chatbots, to AI-enabled humanoid robots, there is a whole range of artificial intelligence products and services that are available in the market, which has not only accelerated the growth in the functional capacities of the industries but has also enhanced our existing living conditions. AI is a pressing priority in the modern era. Several government organizations and institutions are categorizing and identifying safe ways to deploy AI into their daily operations and use more advanced technologies to secure the survival of their citizens.

The Covid-19 is one of the primary reasons that has boosted the adoption of AI. As more government and business institutions are focusing on digital advancements, the implementation of artificial intelligence applications emerged as the predominant factor to drive the progress of this initiative. As the society adapts to the new changes after the pandemic, global citizens are expecting their governments to put the ‘digital-first’ initiative as a priority. AI is also integrated into systems to tackle climate change issues, predict weather forecasts by scientific organizations, and eradicate food wastage, global hunger and poverty.

For business institutions, AI has enabled the optimization of enterprise operations to make them more productive and efficient. Nowadays, the competency of a business leader lies in not only predicting the next actions of the competitors, but in staying updated about the next technological innovation and how it can be implemented to boost business growth. Integrating AI in operational tasks has made senior executives understand the importance of leveraging such other advanced technologies like business analytics, data science, machine learning and SaaS, to perform key operational activities and collaborating beyond the boundaries of the corporate infrastructure and digital ecosystem.

Early movers realize the importance and significant benefits of AI in this critical data-driven era. In the future, AI and machine learning can radically change the way we perceive work, by complementing and augmenting human skills. The entire work landscapes for both public and private sectors have changed by the implementation of cognitive systems that use feedback loops to perform more intelligent tasks. It is pertinent for all business and government infrastructures to culture an AI-driven mindset in the organization, encourage and incentivize employees to upskill their knowledge about emerging technologies along with the advancements in their respective domains.

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