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Own Business Day

Business owners don‘t simply run their company – they live it.

They are social and economic backbones of our communities, creating jobs and serving as role models with their “can do“ attitude. Owning a Businesses make our daily lives more vibrant because they are happy making others happy. With their ideas and ideals, they bring new services, offers, light or even perspectives to our neighborhoods.

Own Business Day is dedicated to all independent owners in the world to celebrate and pay tribute to them by promoting and giving them extra awareness. Every owner from all kind of branches is invited to participate in Own Business Day.

Following its brand purpose, METRO promotes Own – for free, by using all its capacities to support participating Own and equip them with everything they need to make them successful:

By setting up a dedicated website, the heart of the day: A site where owners create and publish their special offers: a special meal, event or service created exclusively to Own Business Day. All special offers will be displayed on the sites map and can be discovered by everyone. Locally and worldwide.

Reach out to us, we can help!

Do something special and get something special with your business.

To celebrate and pay tribute to any Own Business in the world, be invited to visit your local on the day, enjoy lots of special offers, bringing them more turnover. Show your commitment and social responsibility global hashtag: #loveownbusiness.

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