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Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The cold twin bursts of chocolate with the soft hint of vanilla between, leading to a small explosion of flavor. A delight over a century old. Even more impressive is that it is still as liked today as it was back then. The very taste of delight for untold of summers. This is the celebration of Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Learn about Ice Cream Sandwich Day

If you have never had an ice cream sandwich before, you are seriously missing out! This is one of the most delicious ice cream treats. It is simple to make, but it is extremely tasty. An ice cream sandwich is simply a frozen dessert that has two cookies, wafers, or biscuits, with ice cream in the middle. It combines two amazing things; ice creams and biscuits. What more could you really want? It is not hard to see why this dessert is so popular. It is only right that we have a day to honor this amazing treat, isn’t it?

You may be wondering where this amazing idea came from and how many people enjoy it! There are lots of great facts regarding ice cream sandwiches. So you can spend your day digging a little bit deeper into this popular treat and when it all started out. We know that there were ice cream sandwiches available for sale by street vendors in New York from the late 1800s. It is definitely a treat that has been enjoyed for quite some time now! We know this because the sandwich was cited in an article in the New York Mail and Express in 1899. It said the following:

There are ham sandwiches and salmon sandwiches and cheese sandwiches and several other kinds of sandwiches, but the latest is the ice-cream sandwich.

New York Mail and Express

If you are a fan of the ice cream cookie sandwich, we have San Francisco to thank for this. When it comes to building a delicious ice cream sandwich, cookies have become a much-loved alternative to the standard chocolate wafer. It is believed that this creation was invented by an ice cream vendor in 1928 in San Francisco. He decided to use two oatmeal cookies instead of wafers. But wait, it gets even better. He even dipped it into chocolate before serving it! If you have never tried this type of ice cream sandwich before. Why not give it a good in honor of Ice Cream Sandwich Day? After all, everything tastes better when it has been covered in chocolate, right?


Nobody quite knows where the day originated from, or even the definitive place the ice cream sandwich itself started. There are pictures from 1900 of people eating them after paying nothing more than a penny! These delights come in many forms, but originally it was some vanilla ice cream pressed between two thin graham crackers. The current form of the ice cream sandwich is a soft chocolate wafer bracketing some vanilla ice cream. But no matter the origins, the ice cream sandwich has been a staple of summertime enjoyment for many a year. Sticky fingers and a mouth surrounded by white cream is the hallmark of many a child ‘s enjoyment. Wanting another in the soft heat of summer. The mere memory of these treats seem to bring memories of summers past to mind. The utter amazement every time we bit into one of these sandwiches of ice cream.

How to celebrate

Well, the obvious thing would be to go get a sandwich, and enjoy it sitting down like the child we all used to be. Maybe run around a little bit. Laugh loudly and ask for a second one! Maybe instead of the soft chocolate wafer, you try it as they originally made it. Or maybe sandwich that luscious vanilla ice cream between two cookies. Maybe add some chocolate chips around the edge, or even try chocolate ice cream between vanilla wafers. Experiment with different things, as you never know what combination that forms your ice cream sandwich will become your new favorite.

Or maybe you could introduce someone else to a sandwich. Sharing the delightfully sweet treat with someone who has never had one might just bring a smile to your face, seeing the wonder and awe on theirs. Or even showing them what an original ice cream sandwich is. Maybe the confectionery delights that are all over. Like the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies sandwiching the vanilla. In any case, enjoy the soft sweetness, and avoid that all to common mistake of eating it all so fast you end up with a brain freeze!

The good thing about making ice cream is that it can be as straightforward or as difficult as you want it to be.

If you are looking for something simple, all you need to do is purchase your favorite flavor of ice cream and your favorite biscuits. All you need to do is scoop out some ice cream and place it in between the two biscuits, and then you can enjoy. Easy and super tasty, right? However, if you are someone who likes a challenge and you want to have some fun in the kitchen, you can try making your own biscuits and your own ice cream! If you go down this route, don’t forget to post some photos on your social media so that you can show everyone your impressive creations.

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